Susan Farrell

Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Consulting


Designing, Planning and Monitoring Programmes in an Integrated Way

'Integrated Programmes' is a facilitated intervention which is intended to teach and facilitate the process of integrating the three core programme activities – Designing, Planning and Monitoring.

Programmes have a much better chance of achieving their goals if the three activities of Designing, Planning and Performance Monitoring are tightly integrated.

All too frequently, organisations have performed these three activities in silos – silos with different methods and approaches, different teams and different agendas. This has often resulted in separate departments within the same organisation expending huge amounts of energy and resources fighting internal ‘turf wars’ instead of working in a tightly integrated way towards achieving a commonly agreed purpose or goal.

Programme Design includes:

  • Understanding the social problem;
  • Strategising how your organisation can respond;
  • Developing a theory of change (logic model);
  • Developing programme goals and objectives which focus on the change you want to see.

Programme Planning includes:

  • Determining the activities needed to achieve your programme objectives;
  • Scheduling the activities based on resource constraints (people, time);
  • Costing the activities;
  • Understanding how to create budgets that can work with your finance/accounting systems;
  • Learning how to manage projects – issues, risks, scope changes.

Performance Monitoring & Evaluation includes:

  • Deciding what to measure – which data will provide meaningful evidence of your performance, whilst being practical to collect and analyse (M&E Framework);
  • Developing data collection instruments/tools;
  • Collecting data with integrity.


In order to ensure the transfer of skills, as well as optimum participation, the work is done collaboratively, in facilitated workshops.